Monday, June 29, 2009

Blogging Software For Demand

Why should you start just a blog when you can create a blog and profit from it? Simple question, isn't it? And yet one that so many fail to answer correctly.

In fact most of the recent surveys show that nearly 50% of the people who start to blog in hopes to generate income either as additional cash flow or as full time fail to pass the $100 mark and eventually quit. Over 93% of the new blogs will fail according to one source but you know it will not be you!

And the goal of this article is to share 3 tips that will help you overcome the odds and don't become part of the sad statistic!

Tip 1: Design Blog To Demand Action By Blogging Software
Lack of clearly defined call for action responsible in huge part for the bloggers failure or what is even infinitely worth - too many options. You need to clearly identify what is The One Thing you want you visitors to do and present it in prominent location. Don't overload your blog with affiliate banners and multiple widgets but clearly present One Action Path you want them to take.

Tip 2: Integrate Functionality To Ensure Your Success
While most of the blogs have enough functionality to publish on the web - they fail to deliver that last punch that tells your visitor "this blog must be bookmarked". It is ability to retain your visitors and turn them into repeat customers that will turn a published page into income producing artwork! You can add that functionality using small pieces of code called plug in.

Tip 3: Force Monetization Without Annoying Visitors
I know this might sounds like a contradiction to previous statement on defining an action path and driving your visitors to that action but you have to ensure that its not overbearing. Remember that people visit your blog in search for answer to their problem and solution to their needs. They will be willing to take the action path you present as long as it doesn't interfere with them getting their answer first. Satisfy the curiosity and need of your market first and then you can expect the reward from grateful readers.

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