Saturday, October 3, 2009

Google Search Engine

For many years Search Engine Optimization has been widely taught in the marketing field as an art form. With today's every changing online environment, more people are looking for ways to increase their web traffic. As the cost of pay per click (PPC) increases, the little less know websites are being crushed by high bid prices.

That was until now, search engine optimization marketing, the combination of SEO and marketing in one very unique package.

The old way of SEO, was make some on pages changes and hope Google would find your website and index it. Someone may have even given you specific places to add your keywords in order to rank better.

If you follow the web and top Search Engine Optimization Experts you will see them simply say do this, tweak this and add your site to directories. This old way of SEO and marketing has come to a halt, as Niches continue to become very competitive. That is why the new age of Search Engine Optimization Marketing is taking over.

Here is how and some things you can use to increase your sites visibility. First check you competition, the sites PR and how many keyword targeted backlinks they have. Also check to make sure they are currently using all On Page Search Engine Optimization Ideas.

These include your Keyword in the title, H1, and your secondary keyword in your H2, and H3 tags. If they are not bolding their keyword once or twice in their text, they are missing out.

Also make sure if you use video or images on your site, you use alt tags with your keyword inserted. All right on to how Search Engine Optimization Marketing is changing and how many smaller sites are out ranking the competition.

The final idea is to gain keyword rich backlinks to your site from high PR sites. You can use web 2.0 properties, review sites, blogs, forums, videos, articles, press releases and what ever else is out there... That has traffic.

The key element To Search Engine Optimization Marketing is to build a web of properties that all point back to your site using keyword rich hyperlinked text.

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